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Thank You for Being Vulnerable

Your writing is beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that.

coffe and laptopCurrently, I’m in the “Silent Reading” Section of my local library reading your stories and decided that I have to take a moment because a thought had popped in my head.

A little while ago, whilst explaining the concept of this blog to some friends one compared blogging to Facebook. She simply did not understand blogging so she asked, “is it like Facebook…or something?”

My other friend who is familiar with blogging simply says “yeah” as if it explained the essence of it.

For some reason that didn’t sit well with me and I struggled to understand why. What is different?

I mean, fundamentally, this platform is similar to Facebook in that you write a post, follow others, comment on their work and can share it but there is so much more.

Today, as I’m staring at two black leather couches above my computer screen, I realize what is different about blogging.

As I read your stories, I realize that you are not putting on a face. You share the good and bad moments whether in word or in photography and I believe it is beautiful.

Although I may not read through every single post, I love the vulnerability to show utter confusion, despair, and beach and cryst balloptimism within the same blog. Perhaps we show this because it is likely that we will never meet one another in real life.

Facebook is often comprised of family, friends, and co-workers all of whom we see on a daily basis. These are the people we care about (in some capacity) and these are the same we put masks on for.

That is the difference between blogging and Facebook. I hardly ever see you just having a grand time, you allow me into the deepest and personal parts of your life.

I am grateful for that.

So, as long as you feel you should share, I encourage you to keep sharing even if no one reads it.

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