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How to Manage Your ‘To Be Read’ Book Pile #bookaddict #bookworm #TBR

Hopefully this helps some of you book reviewers out there! I salute you 🙂


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Things can get stressful when yourTo Be Read (TBR) book pile starts to block out the light from the window or makes your electronic reader start to smoke. This can lead to what we in the trade call TBR Book Pile Stress.

TBR Book Pile Stress can cause all sorts of issues:

  • You start to question your commitment to books.
  • You start to question whether you should still have the self-proclaimed title of ‘prolific reader’
  • You get a bit twitchy around your TBR book pile or even discussing it with a fellow reader.
  • At night the books in your TBR book pile dance in your dreams, slowly torturing you.
  • You find yourself announcing to your family that there is no way you can have a shared room in a future nursing home. You can only see your TBR book pile increasing in size as you age. This makes your loved…

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