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On This Day Last Year: How Being an Author is Like Owning a Business

Hi, Friends!

As you may know, Facebook has this tool where you can see the posts you have published in the past.

Since I have pulled almost all of the posts down, I think it’s safe to try something new. 😉

So, today, I will be sharing what I published on May 8, 2015. It is edited, of course, but the idea remains the same. Enjoy!

Does this sound like you?

You finally wrote a book (or maybe even two), went through the tedious process of editing and re-vising it, and now you’ve published it.


No one is buying.

Few people will even take it for free.

Is your book a piece of crap?

Probably not. Here’s the issue.

typingI have been blogging for almost three years and one thing that I’ve noticed is the need for author promotion. Lots of authors write and publish their books with no return but not because of the quality of the book.

Think on this:

  • You write your book
  • You find someone to edit it or you edit it yourself
  • You publish it
  • You are in charge of marketing it
  • You (hopefully) earn from it

Isn’t this the very definition of an entrepreneur? Aren’t your books the comparable to the products that a business sells?


I mean, I’m no author but this is the very definition of an entrepreneur. You are an entrepreneur and this is your business!

So think of your books like a business!

 entrepreneur writing

I say this because there are a lot of you who hate, hate marketing and even marketers and view it as a necessary evil. But you have to live right? Which unfortunately means that you need money. Plus, you have dreamed of being an author since you were a kid!

So instead of thinking of your book as just “something I wrote,” take pride in what you did and figure out ways to earn from it because the process took up way too much of your time to let it just sit on your website.

stack of books and glassesYou deserve it and your work deserves it! Take action, find out what works and what doesn’t because that is what entrepreneurs do, we start and run business just like you.

So, set some goals for yourself. Write what you need to do in order to get some return on your book in the comments section. Even if that means you write, “Start writing chapter 1”😉.

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