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7 Non Sarcastic Ways to Stop Procrastinating

This list is not filled with sarcasm, at all.

How to Stop Procrastinating

1.Read this list.


2. Ignore what you should do and do what you wanted to do like watch T.V. or read a book.

kid watch tv

3. Pull hair in frustration

child frustrated

4. Don’t set any goals, just do what feels right in the moment.

goal setting

5. Spend an hour making  a snack. You can’t work on an empty stomach, can you?

snack6. Relax, work is irrelevant. Who needs to eat, anyways?

kermit has fun too

7. Watch a video, then 20.

children watching vid

8. Look out of your window and creepily stare at your neighbor.

cat stare out window

9. Take a nap

frog sleeping next to alarm clock

10. Take a bunch of random photos!

frog photographer

Do you know any other ways to avoid procrastination?

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