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Join or Lead Our Summer Book Club!

Welcome to our Summer 2016 reading group or reading groups, rather!

This summer, we are hosting book clubs just for you! Below you’ll find a little more about the process.


-who knows, we may even have some giveaways 😉

About Summer Reading Groups

summer reading

Although TMU is hosting this summer event, we are bringing multiple bloggers to lead each group. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Each group reads one book. So, if you’d like, you can join more than one group!
  2. You can list the books you’d like to read and vote on them, here.
  3. Based on the books listed, you can choose which group(s) you’d like to join
  4. Read, Meet, and Enjoy your summer groups!

Want to host a group or groups, visit this page.

Who knows, we may even have some giveaways. 😉

So, go ahead list the books you want to read. 


reading penguinSteps to Leading a TMU Summer Group




Choose a book that you are interested in reading and are willing to organize a group for!




thumbs upVote

Check out the comments, here. If you see a book listed that you like, vote up (or thumbs up) on the comment!




this way that wayDecide


  • Which book(s) you want to read
  • Which group(s) you want to lead
  • When and Where the group will meet



meet around tableLead and Read

  • Sign up page will be posted/
  • Voting can continue throughout the summer
  • Club ends August 6th!

Enjoy your group!

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