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3 Thought Provoking Quotes to Remember

Happy Monday!

Today, I thought I’d share something a bit different with you. (Feel special yet ;D)

Today, I’m sharing three thoughts that I try to live by.

Why only three? Honestly, they are the only thoughts I have written down because it’s part of a bigger project.

grin face

I’ve decided to create a system called “Words to Remember.” As I come across each thought, I write it down (almost like a letter), put it in an envelope, and place it where I can see it.

These thoughts are ones I’d like to remember at all times and attitudes I’d like to keep. My hope is that with this post, you can insert yourself in the situations presented and that they help you in some way.

So, without further ado, here are three thoughts to remember!

1 . “Be thankful (and) always give your best. Listen, but have your own mind.”

This was actually the first thought I wrote down because this is a recent lesson I am still learning; it’s a two fold punch.

thank youFor me, thankfulness does not come easy; in fact, I underestimated the actual power of true thankfulness.

To me, thankfulness is understanding that no one owes me absolutely anything and operating life from there. Doing this has allowed me to drop the feelings of entitlements and to cherish the moments I would otherwise take for granted.

For instance, if you, dear friend, are the only one that “likes” this post, I am happy (most of the time). But what I did not previously understand is that keeping this attitude takes work- so much work.frog carrying stack

Thankfulness is not something that I do naturally and that’s okay. I have learned to program myself by continually saying to myself (in different ways) what I’m thankful for in order to keep this attitude.

Sometimes I simply say, “I’m thankful for…” Other times, I will remind myself that no one has to visit my blog or even respond with that one “like.” I remind myself that no one ever owes me one iota or utterance of a word so appreciate the feedback, the post offers, and open bloggers.

Nowadays, I’m trying to apply this to other areas of my life which is hard but will be so worth it!

Listening is something I will tackle in the next quote. 🙂

2 “Listen, Learn, Lead- in that order”

This quote actually is a spin off of John Maxwell’s saying, “Good leaders listen, learn,(and) lead.”

Something that I struggle with is objective listening. Sometimes, when listening to others opinions, my original convictions disappear and are replaced with the thoughts of the current speaker- ankid watch tvd not in a good way. I put what I believed was right on the back burner because of someone else’s view.

opposing waysNow, I’m learning to listen to others thoughts but to think them completely through before accepting them as my beliefs.

For instance, just because a pastor is saying it’s true doesn’t make it true.

Just because a multi-
millionaire is promoting a thought doesn’t make it accurate. Just because a friend says it’s okay doesn’t make it okay. Just because a boss does it, doesn’t make it right.

Lastly, just because it is easier to accept what someone says is fact does not mean that I should accept it -which was my major problem.

However, listening is very important- especially in leadership. There are times when we will have to listen with our eyes and our ears to those around us and determine the best course of action.

It is only after listening can we learn. Then comes leading. Leading comes after listening which will produce learning. Leading (often times) should not come before listening.

3. “Ask ‘how can I help’ verses ‘how can I profit'”

Another great spin-off quote from Gary Vaynerchuck on his web-series, Gary Vee. Actually, I love his videos (for the most part) so posted below is the episode where I got it this quote from.penguin support

I believe this to be fairly self explanatory so I’ll leave it fairly short.

In my entry into TMU (and even the re-entry), I struggled with the concept of helping versus profiting. So many times I wanted to set this up with the traditional business model. So many times in life I want to do what’s best for me over what’s best for the other person. Sometimes, I don’t even want to think about what the other person wants or needs.

careBut I have to.

Caring for my fellow man means providing quality content as best as I can give it. Helping others means being uncomfortable and giving some of my own dwindling funds. Helping others means going against the popular saying, “do you, boo!”

Life cannot just be about me.


So, I hope that this post gave you something to consider and I also hope that you enjoy the video!

This video does include a mixture of some points above so see if you can point them out and let me know your thoughts, below. 🙂




2 thoughts on “3 Thought Provoking Quotes to Remember

  1. A thoughtful and beautiful post. Everything you have written settles so well with the ethics and way I would like to live my life. Even with my writing and even the books published it is and was never about ‘me’ or ‘making money’. I simply write because I want something of life and hope to be ‘out there’ where so many are focussed on ‘self’ what’s in it for ME. If you would like to see more about my life etc will give a peek at what ‘fuels’ my life. ie the background. Thanks for the great blog and thoughts expressed.

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