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Is Facebook Friending Blog Friends to Personal

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve become active on Facebook and have “friended” some blogger friends.

To my surprise, a lot of those friends also include their families.

Because of this, lots of posts are intimate and  geared towards family. This leaved me feeling a little awkward because clearly I’m not family.

When scrolling, I’ll see that their daughter, Susie, just had a baby. But is it too personal to like it (the baby is cute). What are the boundaries.

Have you all ever felt this? What do you think about friending blog friends on the same social media account that your family uses?

10 thoughts on “Is Facebook Friending Blog Friends to Personal

  1. Hi…
    I keep my blogging separate from my facebook account….And I tend to keep family and close friends away from my blog if I want them to read a particular post I post it to my FB notes lol… Not that I overtly hide my blog from them I just don’t mention it….. But my twitter account is linked to my blog (and my family ain’t on my twitter as far as I know…)

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  2. I ponder this sort of question frequently. In fact, I find my FB feed mostly made up of people from my past who currently are probably not people I’d be close friends with today. I seem to connect authentically more with blogging pals. Sorry, no great answers, only plenty of commiseration.

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  3. I keep blogging quite apart from anything on Facebook. Facebook for me was never to be ‘out there’ and my family will never be featured except perhaps my husband and I for an anniversary or similar. I have a secure Facebook site which is for prayer and other private requests. Other friends have been specially chosen and I take care – what effects me ie my writing life etc is ok but my family and their private lives is strictly a no-go including my grandchildren and activities of my children etc. Cheers! WordPress blogging because of its very name is simply for the purpose it is named. I say Good Morning! and I share the truth of my life and revelations….nothing about meals/etc or family. Not about what makes me comfortable but what is inappropriate in the lives of folks I love.

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    1. Interesting! I think I assumed everyone else did the same. I assumed everyone separated personal from WordPress but what a shock! Neither is good or bad but- o well. It’s interesting though how you separate it.


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