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Today´s Thought

  Wouldn‘t the world be beautiful if libraries were more important than banks?” – Quoting Joaquin Salvador Lavado Tejón (a.k.a. Quino –  Born in Argentina, 1932). What´s your opinion? Note: This post was first published in my Portuguese blog, and then on former TMU (August 2015), but I guess It´s something to think about

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Have Your Voice Be Heard!

Good day! Today, I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and simple. Today, I just wanted to inform you that we are open  to guests and receiving team members on our blog! You can write whenever you want while meeting more people. Whats the Catch? There are a few guidelines that must be followed: 1)… Continue reading Have Your Voice Be Heard!

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I am a Bruised Peach: An Open Letter to my Friends

Dear Friends or Former Friends, I love you- each and every one of you. But I feel that there are some things about me you must know. First off, I am bruised. While the self-confident and business driven Fairen is often what you see, you fail to see the other half of the peach. If you were to… Continue reading I am a Bruised Peach: An Open Letter to my Friends

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The Smell Of Paper

It was one of my first posts for the former edition of TMU (May 2014) – Please allow me to share it again I have nothing against electronic publishing, and as someone who reads a lot, those new technologies are really helpful as they provide the access to all kinds of contents, just by “clicking”, but there… Continue reading The Smell Of Paper