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Why are You Uncomfortable When We Compliment You on Your Eyes?

First off, I’m going to preface this by saying that this is an extremely randomn post.

But hey, this blog is used to build others right? So please help me out, if you would.

It’s no secret that I am black- African American- whatever.

As such, I have not noticed a lot of light eye colors within my people. So, when I am around “white people” it is natural for me to look at the variations of light colored eyes and think they are beautiful.

Now, I am the type of person who will come up to a stranger just to tell them what they are wearing is adorable. So, naturally I do this with other’s eyes, as well.

Lately the responses to these complements usually include them being taken aback; they are not offended, just a little uncomfortable.

Yesterday, I heard of another black lady complementing one of my white friends eyes and she received the same eyesresponse.

Before I ask, let me make this crystal clear. We are not flirting, in fact, you may not even be attractive to us when that complement is given.

This is usually how the dialogue goes:

“*Normal conversation* or *Cue entrance*”

“You have really beautiful eyes.”

“Um…okay… *gives weird look*”

I am confused. Why oh why is it such a big deal when we compliment you on your eyes?

Please break my ignorance!

I realize this may not be a politically correct post but what the heck, anything is bound to offend someone-eh?

14 thoughts on “Why are You Uncomfortable When We Compliment You on Your Eyes?

  1. When appearances are complimented it definitely comes across as sexual since physical attraction plays a big role. It also turns out that a lot of people are really good at misreading meanings, myself included.

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  2. I honestly can’t imagine saying anything other than thank you. I HAVE had men say things about my appearance in the past that feels like a pick up line disguised as a compliment, but I prefer to err on the side of being gracious and moving on. Maybe it’s the southern coming out, but I think you can’t go wrong with a compliment and a sincere thank you. I say it’s likely their issue and not yours.

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    1. But…as other commenters mentioned (i read after I posted), it’s probably best to use caution depending on where you are and be aware of cultural differences. A lot of things that seem normal in one place can be interpreted totally differently in others. For me tho, I’ll take a sincere compliment any day. 🙂

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  3. Let me be honest, that kind of compliment is very strange in Portugal, usually people will think that all you want is sex…Maybe that sounds disgusting, but things are the way they are…

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  4. Because I hope my approach to the folks around is benevolent. ( ie I do not think I am a threatening or overwhelming person) I always accept with grace any compliments. I would be pleased if someone complimented me on my eyes. I actually would be pleased they were looking at me not simply treating me as an inanimate object. Sharing compliments and sharing love must always be done carefully but golly it so much -preferable to grunting, being miserable and uncaring.

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  5. Yeah.. Hm. for the longest time i’ve thought that compliments aren’t given out as much as they should. I wonder if after the moment, it is somethin they remember and it is a positive in their brain. they just were caught off guard by the blatency or simply, the nice comment on a specific!

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  6. Given that a significant proportion of the population is devious and self-serving, I too would be suspicious if a total stranger complimented me on some aspect my appearance. My first thought would be “What do they want?”

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