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Why Do I Write?

wdiwBecause I can is one possible answer, but it´s not the answer.

Is it for Money?

No,I write for free, of course some say “if no one pays for what you write is because what you write worths nothing”, but I disagree

Is it for fame?

No, I´m not famous and I´m not looking for fame.

Is it to impress my family, my friends and the ones I know?

No, more than 99% of the persons I know don´t even know that I write, and I believe that the remaining ones the majority of them has never read a single word wrote by my person.

Is it to find new friends?

No, it´s easier to make friends on a parking lot

So, why do I write?

Because I LOVE, because it relaxes me, because when I´m writing I feel realized, because It´s a part of me.

8 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. I totally agree, I write because I love. But I will keep on writing even if few read what I write. However I write because I would like to show my love in the stories I write and maybe bring joy and some of that love into someone else’s life. I will never be famous but if anyone is interested in my personal story.. This expresses a little of why I write but I do agree with all the comments above. Thank you for your blog and what you contribute to my day.

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  2. Writing to realize one’s self is a great reason to write. I write because of a compelling urge to do so, arising from a hope that there is an audience out there keen to be edified by my content.


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