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My Real Name is Fairen

My name is not Felicia. Let’s start with that.

For years I have gone by a name that is not my own. My reasons being that I was too young to reveal such a unique and easily targeted name when I first began blogging.

Although I am still young, I see how my writing and thought process has matured and believe that it is the time for the big reveal.

Dear TMU family, today my “real” family and friends will join you in reading this for the first time.

Many of them have not read my writing and have only heard me talk about what I do. They have not seen the growth and decline of the blog.

In reality, if you’ve been around long enough, you probably know more than any of them know about this part of my life. So, please, have patience with this post.

My name is Fairen. It’s as simple as that.

Felicia is a name that I received from a class I took years ago and it just stuck with me. But that’s not me.

So, from now on, call me Fairen (fare-an pronounced like you are going to the county fair).

I am no longer hiding behind a name. I will begin to reveal a scary vulnerability for those closest to me to see; the me that some of you who’ve followed my writing have seen.

No more hiding.

I will be spending the next month trying to consolidate social media accounts and etc. so for now, family and friends, I hope you enjoy what we have to offer and I hope to see you involved in the cause.

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21 thoughts on “My Real Name is Fairen

  1. As beautiful of a name that Felicia is so beautiful that I picked for my daughter Felicia Rose I love this post of yours Fairen and truly your name your real name who you are is just as beautiful as your lovely heart is. A brave and lovely heart!

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  2. What a brave thing to do. 🙂 Your name is lovely. I must admit, I’d not heard of it before, but it’s always good to learn something new. I can understand the desire to keep this part of your life secret from the rest of your world. *hugs* and well done. 🙂

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  3. I think Fairen is a great name. I would believe it has the same qualities as Fay, fae, faye with both mystical and mysterious qualities. So glad to know this about you. Cheers! Be uniquely you. What a wonderful opportunity as not too many Fairen’s in the world. x

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