18 thoughts on “Let’s Chat| Catching Up With You

  1. I’m catching up. I have been in hospital and hopefully will (in the next few days) settle again into some disciplined writing and ‘connecting’ Still very interested to flow with TMU.

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  2. I so like this blog. I could go on all day about what’s going on here. Two old broads, besties since grade school, now empty nest, single moms learning to live together after being apart for [way longer than I want to count]. I’ve gone from California, Arizona, SE Washington State, to Northern Illinois, the Texas Metroplex to Colorado’s Western Slope, USA. Whew! Good times! Come check it out. https://roosruse.wordpress.com

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      1. Lol. i am a child of the 80s but I do know quite a few ppl that truly have never seen a VCR before. I still have a tape of me skydiving on VCR that I haven’t converted yet.

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      2. I can’t describe it to you, other than it was a little box about two inches thick by about oh I don’t know how many inches Long or wide wide. I can’t really describe it you stick the video tape in it, yet you have to hook it up to the TV. When you insert the video tape into the VCR, in most cases, it automatically plays.

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