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Leadership 101: How Doing Others Work Helps You

Fairen Fields

“The managers always step in to help when needed.”

At least once per year, I try to meet with each person of my staff during work. During these meetings, we discuss things going well within the company and things that can be done better. I always make sure that they know that they can discuss anything and anyone that concerns them so that we can improve the operation of the company.

This year, one of the phrases I repeatedly heard was some variation of:

“I like that the managers always step to help when they are needed.”

I’m sorry…what?!

hearing-listenWhat causes so many to mention this and why is this such a big deal? Isn’t it natural to see a team member in need and try to help them out?

Maybe this is not as common as I thought.

Digging into the trenches with whomever you are leading automatically credits…

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