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What is Your Passion? What is Your Dream?|Interview With Emily

This summer, I have decided to interview some of the people that I find interesting. Although many are family, friends, and acquaintances, I have learned a lot from these interviews.

So, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and I encourage you to do the same to the interesting people around you!

Emily has recently become a friend of mine. She was chosen because of my blatant curiosity as she has achieved more than most her age have. I learned quite a bit about Emily in this interview and I hope you will to!


Tell me a bit about yourself?
I’m a PBA (Personal banker associate). I also played the cello for 10 years.

What are you passionate about?
I’m very passionate about music.

What type of music?
Everything. I think I’m more passionate with worship music.

Why do you think that is?
I don’t know. It just gets ya in the feels *haha*

What are some of your hobbies?
I like to line dance. I play the cello.

What made you fall in love with music.
I was in elementary school- 5th grade. I originally wanted to play the flute but back then you could only play string cello playinginstruments. I had a choice between violin, cello, or bass. So I was like, okay I’ll play bass. But my Mom was like “Are you sure everyone wants to play the violin? You should play the cello and well see how it goes.”

So I was like “Okay” and I instantly fell in love with the Cello.

Then, in middle school, Mom told me  I could play the flute but I wanted to stick with the Cello.
What keeps you going?

Nap time…no im just kidding. *haha*

I’m motivated knowing that I’m a lot more independent and better off than other kids my age. I’m very impressed with myself. Like how many 20 year-olds do you now with their own house and car?


What are you most proud of?
Everything that I have. I’ve worked for almost everything I have. I have a lot to show for the work that I’ve done


What are you not so proud of?
I’m really bad at doing things alone. I feel like I’m independent but not in a sense. I’m just not good at being alone. I feel like I have to have someone with me to do something.


Why do you think you feel that way?
Honestly, I don’t know. I asked my mom that and she said I’ve been like that my whole life. Like, if she would get up and go to the other room I would ask “where ya going?”


What do you dream of doing?
I love my job and where I am but I’ve always had a dream of being married or having kids.


Something you wish you could tell your former self?
Stop freaking out. 

I’m just so cautious that something is gonna go wrong. I overthink a lot of the time. I love to go out with friends and do adventurous stuff but I’m always wondering what if someone falls or if my break myself?


If you had a do-over. What would you redo if anything?

I’m one of those people that I don’t regret anything because if I were to go back and redo I wouldn’t have what I have now.

But if i were to answer this question, it would be not going into the air force. 


I feel like I would be going somewhere. That i would i feel like I’m making something out of myself.

Is that still a dream of yours?

It is a dream but I don’t think that I will ever do it. I’m happy where I’m at. There is a chance that i wont be able to get in or if you get in there is always the chance that you hurt yourself and have to get out.


What would you tell a newbie at life. Like if a baby could comprehend what your  saying, what would you tell them.

*This is where Emily’s friend, Sammy chimes in.*

Sammy: To never think of themselves as failures. Kids these days think that everything they do is a failure when people these days do the best they can and people don’t realize it.

Emily: Don’t let a boy decide if you’re pretty or not.

Sammy: -or if you’re worth anything

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