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52 Things I Learned in Life and Blogging

Today is my birthday! So to celebrate, here are 52 things I learned in life and through blogging.

  1. Engagement is the key to building a community not a group of onlookers
  2. Be organized, yet flexible
  3. Stick to a schedule but be reasonable with it
  4. Never lack zeal
  5. Just because you feel others don’t do it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
  6. Use your strengths
  7. Ask even if you feel unqualified- you never know who will say yes
  8. Be grateful; no one has to do anything for you
  9. Build something meaningful
  10. People will follow your lead so take them somewhere
  11. Master the art of balancing listening to others and yourself
  12. Work on improving yourself constantly
  13. Stay focused
  14. Try new things, even if it “fails.” It will help you in the future.
  15. Figure out exactly what you’re doing and be able to explain it clearly and concisely to others
  16. Never allow work that is not of quality -even if it is free
  17. Try it. Play with it. Learn it. Teach it.
  18. The outside world will be fascinated by what you do, don’t let get to your head.
  19. You will have support it’s just a matter of where and when
  20. Sometimes it is better to do it by yourself first, then bring others along.
  21. You can have an impact on others lives by doing something you view as small
  22. Be humble
  23. Be patient
  24. Listen to that little voice that asks “What if…” and make plans accordingly because that problem will arise later.
  25. Plan. Be prepared even if the plan doesn’t work out
  26. Those who tease in the beginning may end up doing the same thing they teased you for in the end
  27. Work hard but enjoy your life
  28. The first time you do something is harder in a way because you don’t know what to expect. Take what you can from it then try it again and you will go further.
  29. Having a virtual team can be difficult but it is rewarding.
  30. Money or lack thereof is not a huge deciding factor of someone’s support of you
  31. Care
  32. Say exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say
  33. The battle from within is so much stronger than the battle you fight with others
  34. Don’t ever do it to win someone’s approval.
  35. Embrace the challenge
  36. Don’t try to rush through the uncomfortable and uncertain moments. Know that there will be an answer in the end and observe everything. You may have to walk someone else through the same situation.
  37. Remember what you went through. Remember the feelings and what could have been done better. You will have to help someone else through the same thing.
  38. Talk about what you love, others will be interested.
  39. Celebrate the success of others as you do your own. Leave envy at the door.
  40. Sometimes you need to quit or pause in order to become better.
  41. Enjoy  your friendships.
  42. Sometimes people do want to help you out. Take the help.
  43. God loves you, unconditionally.
  44. You are wrong, sometimes.
  45. Calm Down
  46.  Control is an illusion. You never had it to begin with.
  47. Don’t overthink it. In fact, make the solution as simple as possible.
  48. Continue to gain perspective; things are much different than you imagined them to be.
  49. Balance growth with quality and care
  50. Discipline is part of the process.
  51. Sometimes God uses the ordinary things to get to you.
  52. Keep asking questions. Keep looking for answers. Keep trying to figure things out.

Keep the list going. What have you learned in life and blogging? If you have a relevant post, feel free to link it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “52 Things I Learned in Life and Blogging

  1. Happy Birthday, Fairen! All great points I could only repeat, but my favorite continues to resound: “Control is an illusion. You never had it to begin with.”


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