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4 Secrets of an Introvert Who Learned How to be an Extrovert

Dear Extroverts,

Since you may have met and befriended us in a setting where we have to act like we are naturally outgoing, here are 4 secrets to being friends with introverts who have a bit of extroversion.

hearing-listen1. We are naturally good listeners. Most times, we prefer you to dominate the conversation:

Most times, I am content listening to a friend who has always has something to say. This often means that I am able to befriend those that most dislike because I like how much they talk.

Oftentimes, my favorite kind of person is one who I can just state a topic and they can go on for about 20 minutes.

Sound weird? It’s true!

2. Silence is Not Awkward so Don’t Make it That Way:  For me, silence is not awkward. I love sitting in a content quiet car. Often times, others don’t feel the same way in which they compensate but trying to make conversation.

Friend: “So…yeah…ummm”

Me: *Simply sits there*

Friend: *Is even more uncomfortable*

I suppose I could make meaningless conversation but why not sit in silence until one of us thinks of something worth speaking about?


3.We Would Rather Know One Person Deeply, Instead of Having Lots of Friends: In fact, I rarely have aton of friends around me. My favorite part of relationships is knowing the different quirks, likes, and dislikes of a friend.

Bottom line, one friend is better than many because I also need time to myself.

4.We Physically Need at Least an Hour a Day to Ourselves; This Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Enjoy Being Around You: This one may come as a surprise to you.


I physically need at least an hour completely alone. This issue usually comes up when traveling with friends- especially  when we are sleeping in the same room. Usually the girls all want to be together all day when I simply don’t.

Sometimes alone means listening to music, doing work, or taking a walk alone and with no human contact. However, this does not mean that I don’t like being around you I just need some time to re-charge.

Trust me, you’ll want us introverts to have this time alone because we’ll come back much happier and more talkative.


So, what are your thoughts? What are some other secrets to dealing with introverts?


3 thoughts on “4 Secrets of an Introvert Who Learned How to be an Extrovert

  1. I used to like time completely alone but now my husband doesn’t count as not me. Even my kids now when I say “Right anyone who isn’t me is banned from this room for 20 minutes” Dad counts as ‘me’.

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