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A Blog As Future Memory ?

In a recent interview I had the privilege of having Fairen as my interviewer, and one of the questions was why I am a blogger. I said it was a way to share my thoughts, which is entirely true, but I´ve decided to “dive” more on the subject.

In my Portuguese blog I have published more than 14200 posts, and looking at them I notice that many are about politics, economy and sports  but the main issues are music, movies and book reviews: About 1100 records, over 4600 songs, more than 800 movies and more than 200 books reviewed, in addition to specific issues such as:

“Some Curiosities About The World of Music “: 83 posts (first post published on February 8, 2014)

“Stories of the Oscars”: 36 posts (first post published on March 12, 2010):

“Greatest Guitarists Ever”: 31  posts, (first post published on February 15, 2016)

“Greatest Drummers Ever” : 11 posts (first post published on June 21, 2016)

“On Saturday,” where I publish one iconic image and I explain its meaning and history (first post published on September 3, 2016)

futurememory All for what ? Not only to share my thoughts, but also (and this might sound a bit arrogant) to left some kind of a “own DNA”.

I know that Portuguese is not accessible to everyone, but it’s my language. If I think posting in English some of these thoughts? It is not out of question, soon I will write about this subject on my blog The Other Soul, although the future belongs to God …


4 thoughts on “A Blog As Future Memory ?

  1. I can hardly wait to look into the other blogs (more links, please). I thrive with music also and love practicing Portuguese. hmmm… the only phrase I remember this moment is is my sister-in-law entering the house from work saying, “Onde está a mulher feia da casa?” It’s said with love 😉


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