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Guest Post: 10 Things That I Would NOT do Differently if I Were to Rewind the Blogging Clock

  1. Having Multiple People Write on my Blog: Having multiple people writing on my blog took a huge burden off of my shoulders! Time is an important factor in trying to build a blog and having others to create most of the content freed me of having to constantly trying to juggle writing for my blog, finding traffic, and writing for others blog. Such a relief!
  2. Having Multiple Blogs: This was a blessing in disguise for me! With each and every blog that I began, I learned a bit more about the audience, blogging (in general), and/or myself. Since each blog was different, I learned different things
  3. Being the Only Writer on my Blog: Although this statement may seem to contradict the first statement that I made, it actually corresponds with it. Being the sole writer for my first blog was beneficial for me in several ways:
  • It allowed me to find out a bit about what I like to write about and how often I can write about it.
  • I gained a bit more confidence in myself and my writing because of how the audience responded to it.
  • It became a reference (sometimes) for some of my future writings.
  • I can say that I know there are some people who actually like and appreciate what I have to say and how I say it.
  • Plus, I gained more experience in content writing and can successfully talk to you about the struggles of it because I can relate


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