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Motivational Monday: Do you have a small notebook and pencil/pen ?

fayeLet me introduce you Faye Roots: She lives with her husband in the quiet rural area of Wolvi near Gympie in Queensland, Australia. She has 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Faye has always loved to write and has been successful in the publication of short stories and morning devotionals. She won an essay competition when she was twelve and had winning entries in several Short Story Competitions. ‘Beyond the Ashes’ was her first novel. ‘

As a Christian she has Meditations published in The Upper Room (A morning Devotional) and a collection of these in published book…. Our God Lives!

Currently she is working on sequel novel ‘The Legacy of Limga’ – to follow up on the local story the novel…. Marranga-Limga.

Faye loves to blog, and most of all she loves to connect with people…

Quoting her: ”my life now is to encourage, hopefully inspire, nurture and simply touch the lives of ‘others’ far and wide”

I hope you like her post as much as I do.

You can follow her here .




bookDo you have a small notebook and pencil/pen ?

The young child said, ’Please can I put my beautiful and creative thoughts down in a beautiful book before I have to put them on the computer?’

This triggered in me an instant response of understanding.

Do you have a small, personal, beautiful book that you carry wherever you go so you can put down any instant, beautiful, encouraging words or writings – before you even think about writing a blog or communicating on line?

My goal this week is to express as I am around and about any random idea or thought that comes into a busy day or week.

I will have a small pencil or pen and a small compact book.   It will be as plain or as creatively beautiful as I have the time or inclination to prepare. Then, I am going to simply go ‘out and about’ and see what ‘unexpected things may arise’. One day I had the thought ‘drifting mist’. Later I could not remember how or why the thought came but I had written it on the back of an old letter. Later, when on the computer, all the possibilities of mist drifting came into my mind. Good, bad, scary, hopeful – those two words sent my mind thinking.

I would love to hear from others who may try this. The book should  be inexpensive (you could make it yourself) but by putting something beautiful on the cover will indicate its purpose is for the random capturing of any beautiful or fleeting thoughts.

There are lots of notebooks around which are gadgets. This is not the same as the private feeling of expressing something on paper with pen or pencil. Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Have a Beautiful Monday and a great week. Be the Hope and Light in someone’s life.




3 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Do you have a small notebook and pencil/pen ?

  1. The feel of the page and the flow of the pen does bring inspiration. A small pretty book I find helps.
    To Ann I wonder if you have a tiny raised butterfly you could attach to your phone case or phone and when it touches your hand reminds you of the butterfly and the ‘new life’ it symbolises. Like writing an idea can be birthed simply by a remembrance of beauty and continuity of life. Greetings all!


  2. Sometimes I just find a scratch sheet of paper and jot down ideas. Although the phone is handy as mentioned by Ann, as it’s always with me. Still I think I’d like to purchase a nice notebook, something pretty that inspires me to write.


  3. I love this post. However, since I am an author who is blind, I don’t have the luxury of carying around a pen and a notbook. I use my phone to make notes when I’m out and about, then I email then to myself to add to a text file in Notepad later.

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