9 thoughts on “What a Homeless Man Taught Me

  1. A lot of times I tend not to give money to homeless people because most of the ones I’ve seen, I come across at a later point coming out of their homes (one I see regularly lives around the corner from me) but this is definitely a valuable lesson because it showing love and helping others is still important.

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  2. Lessons to learn for us all. Yes sometimes I believe it necessary to pray before I act because unless it is truly a need my resources are so limited I must protect against scams and frauds. I too have seen some almost miraculous things when I have prayed first. Thank for sharing.

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  3. I have to admit, it is something I struggle with in regards to the homeless. I have volunteered at non-profits that feed the homeless and I see the value in that. Typically I try not to give cash (simply because I know so many suffer from addictions that I could be enabling) and I will try to offer food instead.

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  4. I understand how you felt–not wanting to give the man cash. We always hear it’s better to give anything else, although I’ve given food and been given a look of disappointment too. Regardless, you can’t deny God knew the man could use the money.

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