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How Should We Respond to Negative Comments?

All of my blogging  years have consisted of dealing with negative comments. Whether it be YouTube or Facebook, someone always has something negative and irrelevant to say. Sometimes they didn’t like the content and other times they didn’t like the way I spoke.

Looking around, I notice that many other bloggers (or people even remotely public) deal with this on a much larger scale. But how are we to respond to it?

Fortunately, WordPress is a generally kind community that is full of loving people but what about the few that aren’t?

Should we ignore it or engage with in it? If we engage, how do we deal with it in a way that doesn’t start a brawl?


Although we don’t generally like to receive negatively on our blogs, sometimes we do and it’s up to us to us to calm the fire before it becomes wildfire, yielding results that can impact us negatively.

Although ignoring stupidity is sometimes necessary, other times it is pure ignorance and misunderstanding. In these
cases, it may be better to bite the bullet and have a difficult but respectful conversation.


Is it possible? Sure.

Is it difficult? Absolutely. But sometimes these conversations are a necessary part of growth.

One persons harsh words can be the uncomfortable truth that needs to be addressed.

How will you respond to negative feedback?

20 thoughts on “How Should We Respond to Negative Comments?

  1. For me, if the comment is insulting or offensive then I won’t post the comment publicly. I will delete it. But if it is constructive in wording then yes I’ll post the comment as I can always improve my writing 🙂 Great discussion here, Fairen!

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  2. It’s unfortunate that there can be trolls popping up anywhere. I’m thrilled that I haven’t had to encounter this yet, but just in case, I moderate my comments on my blog to read before they post. If I would come across something unpleasant, I’d trash it. This is a wonderful blogging community, and not worth creating uncomfortable situations. 🙂

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  3. In my personal opinion when I first started blogging I receive more negative comments. Which were sometimes hurtful and I just ignore them. Now if I did negative comments I just responded positively. Just to show them I wasn’nt effected by their comment. Great post as always!

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  4. Negativity and criticism should be listened to – not brushed off – quietly and calmly but not accepted into our lives unless we know something needs to be changed. Otherwise it profits us nothing by letting these things cause us to become the same as the perpetrators. Once I was so furious (The criticism was unjustified…I was furious). I responded to ‘sort this fellow out and tell him the TRUTH’.(He was a man of some stature in the country). It is a sad truth that long after his star has disappeared from the sky there are folks who remember always the ‘angry’ young woman who blasted at him. This image of myself has been difficult to change over the years so I now have learnt that no criticism or even justified attacks should force us to respond in kind. We must choose how we personally respond. right words, firm and powerful words but no ‘out of control’ anger. Certainly don’t blow up on line. This indeed will be kept ‘forever’. Thanks for blog.

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    1. I agree! Although it can be very hard to monitor how we respond criticism should be welcomed to an extent. The young woman who blew up could have just as easily been me lol. I’m working on it though.


  5. There are mainly 2 kinds of negative comments: The ones that try to help and the ones that try not to help (in some cases they just want to hurt or to be unpleasant). Of course the helpful ones are welcome, the others I try to manage them (each case is different). I`m a blogger for almost 9 years and until today I´ve only once deleted a comment, because its language was full of “dirty words”

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    1. Yes, each case is very different and it can be difficult to measure the true intent of the author. However, considering the length of time you’ve been blogging, it is impressive that you’ve only deleted 1 comment.

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  6. I do not discourage negative feedback as, in many cases, it is valid; constructive, and can often trigger a valuable dialogue. Having said that, I do moderate every comment. The history of my Blog (since Oct 2014) has been impressive in that I have only deleted 1 comment in the 2 year period. The reason was prolific use of profanities.
    I recently wrote a Post on the negative image of Americans around the world and, expecting potential issues, introduced it with a cautionary note (ref Post):

    All comments received were constructive or simply of an observational nature.
    So….negative comments? I do not discourage, but will engage in a dialogue as deemed necessary.


    1. I remember this post! You make a very good point- negative doesn’t always mean not constructive. On this platform, it is amazing how few comments most have to delete (excluding spammers) but I agree that dialogue is very necessary! Thanks for your thoughts, again, Colin; it’s really nice to see you pop up.:)

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