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What Do We Eat On Christmas Eve And On Christmas Day Here In Portugal

Traditionally, the Christmas Eve (known as “Consoada” a word that comes from the Latin word Consolare (“to comfort”) supper consists of abstaining from meat dishes. Most of the families eat salted codfish with boiled potatoes and  vegetables, adding olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice, but in some parts of Portugal the tradition is to… Continue reading What Do We Eat On Christmas Eve And On Christmas Day Here In Portugal

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On this Day Last Year: Shutting Down the Blog

Wow! I didn’t realize that today, last year, I had revealed that we would shut down TMU. While this was difficult, it certainly was necessary. Time sure does fly! -Fairen P.S. Please Enjoy the picture show of our previous and current logos. It is very interesting to see my photo editing skills develop. Order of… Continue reading On this Day Last Year: Shutting Down the Blog

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I Guess It’s Christmas (Season)

Good Monday, all! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving (those that celebrate) and that this Monday back at work doesn’t hurt you ;). I believe that now is the appropriate time to play Christmas music- we can’t put it off any longer. It just doesn’t feel like the Christmas season so I’ll pass lol.… Continue reading I Guess It’s Christmas (Season)

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When “Pausing” Looks A Whole Lot Like “Quitting”

Happy Monday! A lot of times, we talk about quitting, failing, and giving up but what we don’t often talk about is pausing. While it is important to talk about topics such as giving up, we often neglect to talk about the times when pausing looks a whole lot like quitting and quitting ends up… Continue reading When “Pausing” Looks A Whole Lot Like “Quitting”

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On This Day Last Year:Why do You Blog and What did you Learn From it?

So, I did this awhile ago (exactly a year ago) and think that this is a good time to ask again. Why do you blog and what did you learn from it? I re-blogged this so that you can see some of the previous answers 🙂