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Why Your Most Effective Work is Best Received by Those Who Are Silent

Blogs, books, sermons, and music have all acted as influences in my life.


I have found answers in sermons that no one will ever know about. I have found so much connection in a single blog post and a book that it brings relief that someone can relate so well to me. Even music can speak to my soul and brings a voice and sound to the indescribable. musical-moon

Yet, in all of this, I realize that I rarely take the time to tell the artist how much they helped me. I often neglect to tell them how their work has brought me to tears or has brought encouragement to my life.

Sometimes this makes me uncomfortable because as a writer and a blogger, I know how it feels to be discouraged. I know the feeling of despair when trying to do something great, yet coming up short.

But sometimes it takes one to think, maybe the people I have been used to help the most are those that are silent.

Sometimes life, embarrassment or a seemingly lack of words hinder this communication. But my message to you, writers, is this- carry on.

Sometimes, your greatest work is being done and you don’t even know it.

Maybe you have brought understanding, joy, relief, or a simple thought to someone and you don’t even know it.

On the other hand, we are often consumers as well. Let this be a challenge to us (me included) to not simply be silent but to encourage one another. Sometimes, it takes one person to make a laborer feel that what they are doing is worth it.

Because in the end, even the encouragers need encouragement and even the helpers need help.

What will you do?


Heavily Edited and Republished from July 7, 2014. 

3 thoughts on “Why Your Most Effective Work is Best Received by Those Who Are Silent

  1. As usual 🙂 i agree with you. Many times i read things that i like, but then I do nothing about it…I´ll try to be just not a “silent reader” but a “loud one” 🙂


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