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On This Day Last Year:Why do You Blog and What did you Learn From it?

So, I did this awhile ago (exactly a year ago) and think that this is a good time to ask again. Why do you blog and what did you learn from it?

I re-blogged this so that you can see some of the previous answers 🙂

8 thoughts on “On This Day Last Year:Why do You Blog and What did you Learn From it?

  1. I started blogging because a friend recommended I do it and I was having troubling coping with my wife’s mental health issues, so I needed to connect with others.

    Two years later I have enjoyed the entire process, connected with some great people and it had been a great therapeutic/creative outlet for me.

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  2. I blog because it’s my way of venting, or expressing, my thoughts and opinions on specific subjects. Sometimes it’s people in general, but most times it’s situations and how said people had handled them. I used to post my thoughts/opinions on Facebook, yet no one really respects the thoughts and opinions of other people. They say they do, but when they crucify you for your beliefs, despite having formed them because of your own life’s experiences, those people tend to dictate what you should be thinking like and love to tell you why you’re wrong. So needless to say, I took to blogging. I love contributing to TMU because I have found new readers/friends this way, have found new people to connect to, and I have learned many things from my readers when they comment. I may not always show it in my responses, but nearly every reader has something they teach me.

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  3. I blog to connect, and I have learned more than I think I could write here. My biggest lesson is that I am capable of more than I thought I was. 🙂

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