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On this Day Last Year: Shutting Down the Blog

Wow! I didn’t realize that today, last year, I had revealed that we would shut down TMU.

While this was difficult, it certainly was necessary. Time sure does fly!


P.S. Please Enjoy the picture show of our previous and current logos. It is very interesting to see my photo editing skills develop.

Order of logo- oldest to newest:

1- Black and Red

2. Blue, Red, and Pink Community and Bowtied People

3. Coffee Cup

4. White- Build, Connect, Inspire (Current)

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[The following content was published on November 29, 2015 at 14:02]

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

First off, I hope that you all enjoyed your thanksgiving weekend!

I just wanted to talk to you all a bit to tell you that Thoughtful Minds United will be shut down soon. In fact, the last day that we will be posting is on December 28th.

The reason being is because as my relationship with God grows, I want to show people more hope and the way we are doing it doesn’t really help anything in the capacity that only God can bring.

I appreciate those of you that have worked and supported this blog, it does mean a lot!

It was great working and getting to know you all and I hope you will stay in touch. At this point, I will still be running my personal blog[link disabled] and a YouTube Channel, so stay in touch! 😀

Who knows, we may start something similar in concept in the future.

Until then, if you would like to send an encouraging farewell or note to the blog, to the world, or to our team members, feel free to do so below!

[ Contact Form Disabled]



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