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Do you have a dream? Do you have a goal? Do you have vision? Without these things (providing they not un-achievable or selfishly motivated) how do we handle it when we can’t SEE the end result but glimpse only part of what is possible?


This indeed is true of most of life. A goal can be achieved and should be aimed for, a small step at a time. Finishing an assignment, writing a book, cleaning a house etc etc. Start with a baby step but make the positive decision to START.

A dream must not be lost BUT never allowed to influence the practicality of normal life. A vision is beyond a dream goalas it is the heart’s deepest yearnings for what may seem impossible but is the HOPE that makes the journey of life an ever-awakening possibility.
Folks who suffer from severe trauma, for example, the wonder and joy of their moving into a place that no one else thought possible, changes many lives. A biblical quote from Proverbs 29:18 “Without vision, people will perish”, resonates in our modern world.

We all should strive day by day to have a vision beyond what is our now. To believe for a better and fairer world, to have HOPE burning inside that maybe, just maybe, we could improve someone’s life in this day. When clear vision is obscured hold fast in your heart to what you KNOW is indeed possible.


  1. The vision of hope starts in the darkest of the human condition, when a person knows, admits and accept that s/he can do something about it. Then the vision clears and it is set at the horizon. No matter how the journey begins, hope begins and let it start.


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