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WordPress 102: Adding Authors to Your Blog and How Does it Work?

The holidays are officially all the way over and for many, the full workload and work weeks have begun again.

New routines have begun with the new year and with that, so has a new series.
Please enjoy the WordPress 102 series that I have begun on my personal website!
While we are self promoting ;):

Fairen Fields

Today, I’m going to begin a series called  “WordPress 201” that answers some questions that I had about using WordPress that may not be common knowledge.

This is an intermediate level blog series that is helpful to WordPress users.

We cover topics such as:

  • Guest-blogging
  • Adding users to your blog
  • Where to get free photos
  • Responding to negative comments
  • And more!

Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below (or more privately here). I look forward to talking with you!

So on to today’s topic of adding multiple writers to your blog! Why would you ever want to do add additional users to your blog and how does it work?


You may know that I run a website called Thoughtful Minds United. TMU is dedicated to bringing folks together to build, connect, and inspire one another.

With this said, it is best suited to have multiple…

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