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How to Remove Administrators From WordPress Blogs #AskFairen

Fairen Fields

Happy Friday!

Today, I’m excited to be starting a series called “Ask Fairen.” In it, you ask me questions (here)and I answer them here on the blog!

Doesn’t matter if it’s silly, sad, or serious. 🙂

However, please note, that I can choose to answer or not answer the questions and comments presented upon discretion.


Today, we begin with Anonymous who recently asked:

Hi Fairen,

How do you remove an administrator?


First of all thank you for your participation on the blog!

Removing an Administrator to your WordPress blog or website is the same procedure you would use to remove any other user. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Go to your dashboard (

1. Scroll down until you see “Users” on the left hand side and click it.

Find "Users" on the left side2. Select the Administrator that you’d like to remove.

removeadmin33. Then,go to the dropdown box near the top of…

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