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qaI´ve published  this post for the first time on April 13, 2015, but I believe that those Q&A can still be useful for our readers and followers

Often our readers ask us us on various topics. Here are 5 questions and my personal answers

1.Clearly I am not easily inspired .. Dang

We all have moments of great inspiration, but sometimes we have the dilemma of the writer in front of a blank sheet.
I would lie if I`ll say that I am always inspired. However (and in my case it applies only to prose, as poetry is another story –  I can be months without writing a single word and suddenly I can write 5 poems on a single day…).
Stressing is the worst decision – Take a look around, take a walk, watch a movie, read a book, listen to some music, or talk to someone (even if it’s about the weather) – It usually provides me a “click” – I do not guarantee that it is an universal recipe but it does not hurt to try 🙂

2.When you are first starting off what do you write about everyday?

My suggestion is to write about subjects that are comfortable for you  – It´s easier and the likelihood of running well is much superior

3.Do you find topics or is there a specific thought that drives your writing?

Each case is a case, but I don´t choose subjects “a priori”. It depends on the moment and the mood, although I have my own my “refuges”  for those less inspired days

4.What do you think of blogs who ask for donations or claim to sustain Themselves by Them? (Books and products Also). But what do you think about the donation itself and if pro-you’re donation, when is a good time to start asking for it in the blog?
This site works on a free basis, but honestly I understand (as much “politically incorrect” it might look) it makes sense to be monetarily rewarded for some contents: Generally all services are paid and if readers understand that what we publish is useful for them, then it should have a price. I give a personal example: I recently published my first ebook and some people felt that its distribution should be for free, something that I disagree about: Good or bad it is my work, and I´ve spent many hours working on it – Why should it be free? . As for the time and the moment to charge for services provided in a blog I think it is a matter of sense and sensibility…
5.How do you find your target market without spending Thousands on market research? Is there a way?
 I  must confess that this is “the million-dollar” question :).  I’d love to know the answer, but unfortunately I haven`t already found  it…


6 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. My perspective on blogging, writing, why I write etc makes it very hard to respond here with helpful advice. I write because I write……It is who I am…..To put financial gain on everything limits completely the flow of what normal life should be. Did I ever get paid for being a wife, a mother, a friend, a companion, a volunteer in schools etc?. Do I struggle financially? yes….I am older with no (only a pension )independent income. Yet we eat, we live we have shelter. It would be like expecting income from breathing in my put all my expectations on writing. I write because I write. Blogging is my joy – It was opened up for me by a dear friend who said ‘Learn about blogging – you will find connection with people from all places and all conditions you will flow……Be yourself…..You will be sustained by the life, the therapy and by the friendships etc. I have three published books and am currently finishing the longest and the largest. It has caused me to journey to lots of places I did not want to go… battlefields and among grief and loss etc…….I could share about these books I could market them on this blog…….No not for me. Blogging is the part of my life that ‘connects’ me to others. It is my JOY. Anyone who ever wants to KNOW about my books etc…..Simply google. Folk keep telling me I MUST MARKET……..I have to simply ‘let them go……….’ I write praying they will be enjoyed and loved by others. If limited income comes back I rejoice BUT I CANNOT MARKET in a razz matazz way that which is ‘like my soul’ to me. (sorry I’m not more helpful).

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