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What I Learned in 2017

1. What you lose when working too much. Some things aren’t worth money.

This fall, I decided to pick up an additional job. All for very practical reasons. However, I learned what you miss when you are working 50+ hours per week and going to school at the same tome.

Don’t get me wrong, working is great and many work more than I. However, because I was either working or sleeping, I began losing touch with schoolwork, friends, family, and even work.

When I was at work, I didn’t have enough energy to work as hard as I normally do. My grades slipped and I lost interest in interacting with any other humans because I was just that exhausted.

So, since I could afford to live day to day on my new job, I quit the other job and it has been beneficial. I love having a fairly set schedule with nights off to focus on other things that matter.

Now, I have the energy to write my goals down and get focused on the things I need to achieve. Some things aren’t worth having the extra money.

2. Boundaries. Setting them and sticking to them.

Boundaries are something I didn’t even know I struggled with until recently. This year has been rough but it has also been full of growth.

I learned to spot people in my life that aren’t good for me, why I consistently let them in, and how to articulate to myself the reason and type of relationship I need to have with each person.

I learned to set boundaries with people who have the best of intentions such as family so that I can heal and move as a healthy adult.

3. Space can help to and develop a relationship.

That is very true in my case. I received the opportunity to step away from a living situation that was not healthy for me. Doing this has helped me to think more clearly, become more helpful, while maintaing a relationship.

2017 was a rough year but it had its ups, too. What did you all learn this year?

8 thoughts on “What I Learned in 2017

  1. Dear Fairen, Happy New Year and glad to see your blog. The truth you are walking in is vital; A successful and indeed happy life must be balanced. 24 hours in each day we should honestly work out how each section is to be used. 8 hours of sleep, 8 Hours of work …ie income necessary. 8 hours of……often taken up by travel, meals etc. etc. So necessary therefore to use travel time to include a bit of ‘other’ focus. Shutting off from unhelpful and not necessary ‘world issues’ is one way. Get the facts but don’t let your day be swamped by them. Outside time…..looking up…vital to personal well being. Prayer even as you enjoy 10minutes of exercise must be factored in. Study time as a student is VITAL (but never at the expense of proper rest). Our bodies need the rest more than our minds need stimulation but somehow we must sit down and assess what is really necessary in our life. What are our ‘needs’ What are simply ‘wants’ It would not hurt occasionally to honestly assess what would I consider the most IMPORTANT aspect of my life if today I was forced by illness or circumstance to become a different person. What is necessary for life? Blessings!


    1. Hi, Faye! Happy New Year to you, as well. Time management will be an ever evolving skill that I think we all have to work on. But these are some great tips!


  2. Happy New Year, Fairen! As someone who doesn’t sleep well and to add insult to injury, gets up very early, there is something to be said about a good night’s sleep and not working too many hours. 😀

    As for myself, I’m trying to learn how how not to get wound up by the daily political and societal skirmishes and get my complete the manuscripts I’ve been working on. Congratulations on the new living situation and the new, higher paying job!

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