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Worst/Best Advice?

Scrolling through my old posts, I stumbled upon this old jewel. I thought it’d be fun to ask you guys the following questions this year! As of now…

1. What is the best/worst advice you’ve received and why?
2. What is something(s) you’d like to tell a newbie at life that you wish you knew?

I look forward to your responses!

orig: 8.1.16

5 thoughts on “Worst/Best Advice?

  1. Best advice: Learn from other mistakes rather than your own

    Worst advice: You can have dreams & goals but the likely-hood you will make is slim. So just get a degree and get a job.

    Newbie advice: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone & try new things. Follow your heart anything you want to do is possible.

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  2. I’ll start 🙂
    1. Best/Worst advice I’ve received:The best advice I’ve received is to work hard. It was made clear to me that hard work goes far and even trumps talent sometimes- although it to awhile to believe it.
    2.Something I’d Tell a Newbie at Life:
    I’d tell a newbie to try to learn everything that interests you. Figure it out and don’t expect people to explain whatever it is to you even if it isn’t the way that you think it should be.And also brace yourself for life.


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