14 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: How to Get Others to Co-operate

  1. I think this is true, there’s no better way for someone to gravitate towards you than for them to know that you’re interested in them as a person.

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  2. Co-operation when the desire is for the total benefit and good towards another takes humility but also sometimes we need to ‘choose’ to extend LOVE to others even when those people don’t love us in return. Willing cooperation can often be achieved if we take the standpoint of making a choice to move towards the other person with love. Mandela did this often. He once said ‘If I could pattern my life on Jesus Christ’ I could learn true humility and love.’

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  3. Absolutely true, as cooperation can genuinely be enlisted only by radiating warmth and understanding, and both these virtues emanate from humility. Force can only ensure compliance, not cooperation.

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    1. I love your sentiment, and do not desire a debate based on semantics, but cooperation is defined to me as:

      “The action or process of working together to the same end”

      That clearly does not automatically dictate a willingness, but rather an agreement. No doubt there are more definitions, some of which will offer a greater latitude of interpretation, but the end result is that “cooperation” cannot be interpreted based on Mandela’s statement. With the greatest respect to Mandela, I believe that he meant willing, voluntary, “wholehearted” cooperation. Whether he omitted that, or the whether the quote lost that somewhere, I am not qualified to comment.

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      1. I think Mandela meant willing, wholehearted cooperation. Such a great, smart and wise man , I cannot believe he would have meant anything else. This is of course, my own assumption. Thank you for your comment. i hope all is well.

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