5 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. So far here in Portugal we have 331 cases, 9 are serious or critical, and no deaths. People mainly respect the authorities decisions. Next Wednesday our President will decide to declare or not “State of Emergency”. Let´s wait be rational (we don´t need to buy tons of toliet paper, water, alcohol and food) and pray

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      1. Hi, unfortunately our authorities reported the first death here :(. Schools are closed, restaurants have restrictions (if you have 100 seats, only 66% are available), and we´re facing general restrictions (Churches, theaters, Libraries, museums, and other facilities are closed). Hard days 😦

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  2. The Spirit of FEAR is not of God. It is time not to be storing toilet paper but thinking about more eternal things. What I have seen in my local community has stunned me. I have even spoken openly about the opposite of the Spirit of Fear fuelled by the Evil One and God the Holy Spirit’s plans for this Earth. Blessings!

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