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Coming This Fall- Writers Needed

TMU is coming back for the fall on and I am so excited! Leading up to the release, there will be monthly posts published to gear us up for the season.

This time, we are including a new topic- Mental Health. Mental health, especially after abuse, is an important piece of life. I am looking for survivors, experts, and those who struggle with mental health and life after abuse.

Although we are adding a new topic, we would love to have writers in the following categories:

  • Motivational posts
  • Blogging
  • Money
  • Stories
  • Writing
  • Mental Health

If you would like to be a writer, please send your requests here.

See you in the fall!

4 thoughts on “Coming This Fall- Writers Needed

  1. Hi Fairen, I´m so happy that you´re back, Thanks God, I´ve never had mental problems. As usual you can count on me at TMU. God Bless you


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