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Feature Friday: On Life, Mental Health, and Improving Your Blog

Happy Feature Friday!

Feature Friday is a day in which I give a shout out to posts, ideas, and aspects of life that I have found interesting. I am excited to bring this back!

This weeks seemed to have quickly dragged on and I am happy to have finally reached the end of the week. With the rise of the pandemic and a spotlight on the ongoing racial inequality, life seems more uncertain with each passing day. However, I remain grateful that more people seem to at least acknowledge the ongoing inequality of Black people in the United States.

As our new normal progresses, it seems I have taken to gardening. I am currently growing Basil, Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme. My porch now has a distinctly aromatic smell.

Here is a picture of my Basil seedlings. Since this picture, they have grown a considerable amount. I have even transplanted a few! Seeing plants evolve from a small seed to an aromatic household herb is a beautiful form of magic.

basil seedlings


On to some of my favorite posts this week!

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Fairen's Favorites

Mental Health Is ‘My Thing’ by Jananiiyr

This post is all about awareness and empathy concerning mental health especially through this trying time.

A Bit Amused: The Writer Life by Pam Webb

This post is full of comedic (and accurate) depictions of a writer’s life.

Dealing with the Isolation by Lisa Orchard

How one writer is dealing with isolation during the pandemic.

Life With My Drunk Father by Eddy

A gripping look into a child’s relationship with his struggling father.

As someone who understands code, this one peaked my interest! Before reading this, I was actually considering doing a post on how to implement simple code in your blog (even if you don’t have the WordPress Business package). What do you all think?

What is your Feature Friday moment this week? Leave it in the comments, below!


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