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It’s Almost Here!

TMU is coming back in September and I hope you have enjoyed our “blast to the past” these past few months. Now, we will be adding new posts to the mix. I am excited to give you a taste of what TMU will be like!

coming soon

Keep in mind, we are still accepting writers.

Here is a schedule of what to look forward to:

Motivational Monday: A great way to start of the week with inspiration, motivation, and a challenge!
Mental Health Tuesday: Focusing on topics surrounding mental health education and personal experiences.
Writer’s Wednesday: Catered to helping writers and bloggers with their craft.
Feature Fridays: Features other bloggers and posts that we love!
Story-Time Saturday: Short stories and poems (fiction and non-fiction). Submit a story here.

If any of these categories interest you, we would love for you to write with us! Click here if you are interested.

Otherwise, you can read and support us by signing up to receive new posts and exclusive content via email.

See you in the fall!

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