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Monday Motivation: How to Wake up Excited for an Otherwise Boring Day

You’ve had a bad day.

Okay, maybe you’ve had many bad days and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So, here is how I wake up excited to an otherwise boring day.

Are you ready for the big secret?

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What I do to get motivated for the day at hand is to find something that I will do that day that is enjoyable.


I find that by doing this, I am excited to conquer the entire day because I am looking forward to that one moment or activity.

Plus, when the moment arrives, I get the opportunity to really soak it in and enjoy what I have been looking forward too.

So how exactly can you do this?

It really depends on you. What I recommend is to reflect over your day at the end of the night and determine what you have to look forward to, tomorrow.

Then, when you wake up, remind yourself of that thing and let yourself feel excited.

Oh, and it doesn’t have to be one thing, the more exciting moments you have planned, the better!

“Well,” you say. “I don’t have anything exciting going on tomorrow.

If you don’t have anything particularly exciting to do that day, then create one! Here are some ideas:

  • An allotted amount of time to read your favorite book
  • Getting to watch an episode of the addictive T.V. show
  • Getting to chat with a friend
  • Typing a Post
  • Reading a blog
  • Playing a game
  • Seeing your favorite person

You’d be surprised to see how quickly this technique makes your outlook for the day positive.

So, what is it that excites you about tomorrow?

Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: How to Wake up Excited for an Otherwise Boring Day

  1. Looking out my window. Whether it is rainy or fine to make my focus on ‘outside’ even if I don’t see much keeps me from too much inward centering. It is amazing just what can be on the outside even if confined by circumstances So true little things like a smile or Good Morning to someone inside,or even Good Morning new day to life itself can give a reason to want to read, write or accomplish something to value the gift of time..

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  2. simple things “make my day”: The smile of a child, the smell of grass, beeing with friends, and the greatest one: During the emergency state (here in Portugal it lasted for 45 days) I could not visit my mom and dad (they live at about 55 miles away from me) but now I can 🙂

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