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What I Learned From Following WordPress Bloggers

Some of you may know that I have been blogging on various blogs for several years. I am coming out of a hiatus and am now on a kick for finding, following, and reading other blogs.

It seems that a lot of the bloggers I knew before, have stopped blogging so I am (almost) back at square one with finding blogs to read. I enjoy the process and thought I’d share some things that I’ve learned from reading other blogs.


Audiences (including myself) like a blog that talks about your life:

I have always gravitated to ‘lifestyle’ type blogs. They usually make me, as a reader, feel like their home is mine as they describe the different aspects of their lives. It’s very interesting to read as no one can really duplicate your own life experiences and there is usually some aspect of life that I can empathize with in each post. My favorite posts include an informative aspect with a personal touch. It seems that this keeps the posts from appearing “spammy” or fake even when they are selling something.

People like to talk about themselves and their life:

Perhaps the reason that I like to read about other’s lives is the fact that people write about their lives. I have noticed that many people use blogs as a public journal or as a way to share life lessons. It is exciting to see what reality looks like for people all over the world. Personally, I have found strength through letting people into a little bit of my life. Likewise, I like the feedback and different perspectives that I get from sharing those things.

Blogs that are informative:

Although I do love to read personal blogs, these days, I look for posts that are informative. If you can create a posts that teaches me something in a personal way, you have won a new reader. Nowadays, I read posts on mental health, writing and social justice. These are topics that are highly personal and prove to be unique to each blogger.

Bloggers that respond to comments versus bloggers that don’t:

One of my biggest issues with bloggers is the lack of response in the comments section. However, I found that there are bloggers who respond promptly and wholeheartedly to the comments that they receive; some even respond within hours of the initial comment! Bravo to them!

Responding to comments enables the blogger to build a deeper relationship with followers and encourages others to further engage with that blog. I have always felt that when the comment section gets ignored, it discourages others from interacting with the blog which ultimately hurts the blog.

So, what are some of the things that you have learned from following WordPress bloggers? What types of posts do you like to read?

If you have any suggestions for us, leave them here.



5 thoughts on “What I Learned From Following WordPress Bloggers

    1. Hi Sophia! We would love to have you if you want to submit your interests at the top Contact us page, I would be happy to discuss. I just got everything back from a computer crash am currently working on getting more posts up.


  1. I love reading lifestyle blogs too! It’s nice to read work that has a personal touch to them, instead of sites that merely paste quotes or put together listicles with fact they’ve lifted off somewhere else. What you appreciate is really in line with what I do as well. Thanks for this post!

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