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Where to Get Quality Photos for Your Blog FREE!

As a bloggers, we understand the importance of using quality pictures on our blog posts. Here is a list of free photo resources that you can easily use on your blog


pixabay pic

Pixabay: This is my favorite so far! Pixabay has a vast amount of pictures for you to search and use. The quality is great on these pictures- check some of them out below!


Photo by Manuel Schmidt on


WordPress: WordPress has recently partnered with Pexels to provide free photos to WordPress users. To access them, go to your sites media page and if the search bar doesn’t appear, click “Pexels free photos” to begin your search.

free wp photos

The great thing about this feature is that once you find a picture you like and click to save it, it is automatically saved to your WordPress photos for easy use.

free wp photos 2

You can also edit the photos.


Google Images


Google Images:  This is a tip I learned from Ashley at Mental Health at Home. There is a way to use Google Images in an ethical manner.

  1. Go to Google Images and type your keyword into the search bar.
  2. Click “Tools”
  3. Click “Usage Rights” and adjust as necessary.

google images usage rights

New Old Stock

New Old Stock: These photos are free of known copyrights and are to be used for personal use as well as non-commercially. This site is known to recapture history. Check out the photos, below!


UnsplashUnsplash provides free photos for you to do whatever you want with them! The pictures are often quite large so you may have to edit/shrink/re-size them. Here are a few samples:

Where do you get your photos from?

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5 thoughts on “Where to Get Quality Photos for Your Blog FREE!

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have found an increasing number of photographers who do not want their work copied on line are using technology to distrupt picture clarity if illegally downloaded, I once tried to get in touch to ask permission about a photo I saw on an ordinary information search about fire, I received a gracious reply. “Once its out there it can be copied by anyone.” Your suggestion however is certainly the BEST WAY.

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