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Welcome to Thoughtful Minds United 2020!

Welcome to Thoughtful Minds United 2020!

Over the past few months, we have been re-publishing some of our most interesting work over the past few years and now it is FINALLY time to show you what we have been working on! We have added new members to our team and have some great guests that I know you will love.

I am so excited to introduce you to our team writers and all of the amazing work they’ve been working on over the past few months. So without further ado, here is an introduction to Team TMU!

 VidabloggHello from Vidablogg,
     I have been writing since I was a young child. Writing has always been the easiest form of self expression, where I can be open and raw without fear of judgement, etc; writing is my escape, my place for healing.
     When I write, I bare my soul, fully uncensored. My writing is raw, I write about what I’m feeling at the exact moment; I guess one can say that I wear my emotions on my sleeves.
     Writing is a journey to healing, finding peace and clarity in dark lost moments. In my writing I find solace and in the writing others share I find a sense of comradely, it helps me feel that I am somehow alone; in writing we reach others, we help heal one another.

Gracelesscurran is the pen name for Heather Curran whose short story, “Put On, Put Up, Put Out, Put Away,” was published in Bottom Shelf Whiskey, a literary magazine.  When she’s not teaching students, she’s either tucked in a corner writing or reading or she’s chasing her dog out of the garden.

CROPPED MAYBE FOR WORDPRESSFaye Roots is a wife – Married to her best friend and husband for 50 years in October, 2020. They have three adult children and now five grandchildren. Faye has always loved to write and in imagination wrote many youthful stories. She won an essay competition at age 11 and in her growing years attended writing courses and although life with all its hills and valleys mostly got in the way, it was not until she was in her 30’s, that the Gift began to come to fruition. ‘I always believed’ Faye said. ‘I had to find my voice and have a passion about what I was writing in order to do it. I could not simply write for profit or to support lifestyle etc, I had to write because I loved to write. I am so grateful and thankful today that I found this in my later years. This I believe is why in 2020 I now have a blogging site; which is connected by WordPress to this Thoughtfulmindsunited site. is a more detailed sharing of my life and has Teddy Bear Stories (part of a loved collection I own) The site is free and stories can be printed and shared with children if wanted or needed. Even adults may enjoy each little teddy’s search for a place to call home. is a more spiritual insight into my personal journey. All are welcome to visit. Earlier writing included poetry/proses…One day I was inspired to find some. is where I put these. You are welcome to visit. Yes, I have written books. Beyond the Ashes, was my first and was a labour of love. The family who had to learn about forgiveness were very real to me and although fiction, remain in my heart. I love writing and would like to encourage others to keep putting pens to paper or writing on their laptops, phones etc. Life is a valuable journey let your writing bring it ‘alive’ for others.

Jane Elizabeth is the writer of Mom to 3 grown kids, I enjoy the simple life in a small town with 4 dogs. When I’m not writing about the places my mind wanders to, I’m crafting or searching for ancestors. I never pass up a good book, puzzle or a great cup of coffee.  My philosophical mind contemplates social issues and how we can make the world a better place.


Talking about me is a huge challenge, i´m just a normal person. I’m 51 years old, I’m Portuguese, and I was born in a town called Santarem, known as the Gothic capital, famous for the numerous churches, the castle and many other historical monuments as well as its gastronomy (the most important festival in the country takes place there ).

I have lived many years in the capital of my country (where I studied and started working). In 2009, I came to live and work in Alcobaça, a beautiful and friendly town that is mainly known for its Monastery and which was rated in 1989 UNESCO World Heritage.

The food (especially the convent sweets – based on eggs and sugar) leave no one indifferent and every year there is a festival dedicated to this art. Alcobaça is also known because of “ginja” (an alcoholic beverage made with sour cherries), which I believe to be the best in the world …

Back to me. Although I have a degree in Economics and have worked in the financial sector for many years, what fulfills me is writing.

I think I started writing in my head before learning how to do it using a pen and a paper.  I write about what? Essentially about my great passions: Music, film, literature, poetry (sometimes I write my own “poems” …) economy, politics and sport (where football and F1 are my beloved themes). Every day I “feed” my modest “corner” – it´s the nick name of my blog (created in November 2007 – till now i´ve posted more than 10 thousand articles), whose title is Seaalmanaoepequena, which results from the sentence se a alma não é pequena, which is an excerpt from a poem by Fernando Pessoa – Mar Português (Portuguese Sea) , published in 1934, that means “if the soul isn’t small” (in my opinion the best ever Portuguese poet and one of the great masters of world poetry, alongside with names like Joyce, Yeats, Rilke, Keats, Whitman, Poe and many others).

I also have an English blog (The Other Soul) where I don´t write as much as I should.

I´ve already published a poetry book in my native language, and one of my poems (in English) can be found at The  Poetic Bond VII.

I´m one amateur writer, all I do is just the expression of my passion, even though many times I just write for myself.

If you have any questions you’d like answered or have any topic suggestions, submit them using the form below (or click here)! If you’d like to be a TMU Team Member or Guest Writer, click here.

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