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Be Creative and Dream Big!

Welcome fellow creators! Do you dream of taking your passion and creating a new future, but something holds you back? You’re not alone. And yes, it is possible… Read on to be inspired, and hopefully, by the end of the post you’ll have the motivation to finally get started.

A special talent of mine is living in the wavering meadow of procrastination & rumination. As a writer, I spend much of my time conjuring up scenes, role-playing the chatter of characters inside my head, reminiscing over my experiences to help create new stories.

Truth be told, I’m often disconnect from reality. It is a common complaint of my children, that I never listen. When someone speaks to me, I tend to nod along, throwing in the occasional “yeh… uh uh,” whilst secretly conjuring up something magnificent and dreamy.

The challenge many of us face, is directing our focus into what we truly want to achieve. When I first started writing, channeling my energy into something tangible was the biggest challenge for me. I had to stop wasting my day away, I had to do more than just daydream.

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Many people dream of writing a novel. But they never get around to it. If you’re passionate about writing, if you have an idea, than start small. Yes, it’s daunting, its scary and fraught with self-doubt and fear… but if you never start, you’ll never succeed.

Do you have thoughts like..

  • What about all the other responsibilities and roles you need to fulfil.
  • Perhaps your day is already full. So where would you find the time?
  • Does family comes first? Do you feel selfish taking time out for yourself?
  • And what if your not good enough & you fail!

Do any of them sound familiar to you? They were all the things I said to myself when I first started this journey. And in those six years I’ve written four novels and I’m finally getting compliments from agents, encouraging me on my path to representation.

In the end I just started. At first writing, followed by more writing, then dipping my toe into the sea of social media, blogging and last year I started teaching creative writing. Wow! Just writing my accomplishments has taken my breath away. I never would have thought it possible… I worked from home, doing administration while I raised my children. Imagine where you could be in five years, if you just take the first step.

everyday is a fresh start
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Top Tip – When I started out, my goals were small. Easy enough to fit around my other commitments and achievable enough not to drown me in a sense of failure before I’d even begun. I wrote for ten minutes a day, over time it grew, to half an hour or more. I joined a creative writing group and wrote my first novel. It took two years. Even when my fears crept in, trying to drown me in doubt, I ignored them and carried on.

Why? That’s simple … I love writing! And you know what, your passion could flourish into something too.

So many of us fear failure, yet beauty of failure is that’s how we learn and grow. So lets try… what do we have to lose? And don’t let perfectionism stand in your way either. Grant yourself the permission to make the odd mistakes or mishaps… we’re only human, after all.

So you see, I believe in outlandish ambitions, the impossible dream, and all the magical creations that could become reality. (Mermaids and unicorns are not excluded) Follow your aspirations, and watch in wonder as your journey ebb and flows. It takes more than luck to manifest your ideal future, it takes courage, bravery and commitment. No dream is too big to come true.

My name is Lorraine Ambers and I write Adult Fantasy novels with dark, gritty characters, romantic liaisons and a dash of adventure. Let’s connect! Tell me, what your aspiration is? What fear holds you back? And how do you plan to over come them? Share your passions with me, you know I love hearing from you.

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