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How do you Deal With Getting Older?

2 days ago I was a child.

Yesterday, I was a teenager. Today, I´m 51 years old.

Tomorrow, I will be an old man. My grandparents, many relatives and friends are no longer among me (fortunately my mom and dad are still alive, and ruling their lives). We are mortal souls and we must accept that.

How do you deal with getting older?

P.S. – All pictures were taken from the Internet, all are free, and none is a portrait of myself








5 thoughts on “How do you Deal With Getting Older?

  1. I have and am continuing to have a learning experience of life. When I was a child I reasoned as a child – That seems like yesterday to me. A a teenager and later as a mother I Learned to Adapt to changing circumstances, Years passed friends died family died. Now I have reached 77. Numbers are just numbers.. One friend died at 103 another was only 48. What value any life if the body falls to bits but the human spirit/soul does not have the potential to be immortal.
    These are the big questions. Blessings! may we all as we journey onward find answers. That’s how I cope with aging. I Never stop questioning writing and learning. Life is full of possibilities at any age.


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