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Feature Friday: Tips to Make You a Better Writer

Happy Feature Friday!

This week has brought plenty of socially distant adventures! Recently, we visited one of my favorite places located in Illinois. Josephine’s is classified as a Tea House but is known for their delicious homemade meals, beautiful scenery and shops. If you are ever near Illinois, you should check them out!


On to some of my favorite posts this week!

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Fairen's Favorites

Daily Gratitude Challenge by Suzie Speaks

I’ve really enjoyed reading Suzie’s 31 Day Gratitude Challenge which challenges us to find the little things to be grateful for.

My Blogging Journey by Pooja G

It’s interesting to read about other’s blogging journey. Reading this six part series reveals Pooja’s journey to blogging with WordPress.

Blogging: A Worldwide Community by Beetley Pete
This post sheds light on the ups and downs of writing while revealing how powerful blogging can be.

How to Craft Catchy Dialogue by Lorraine Ambers

It is always exciting to see a post by Lorraine! This posts gives practical tips on perfecting dialogue for your characters.

Writing a Manipulative Character: What you Need to Know by Lauryn Trimmer from Pro Story Builders

Manipulation is often seen as a dirty word but one you may need to know of to develop a character. Lauryn takes you inside a manipulators head in order to help you craft the perfect manipulative character.


What is your Feature Friday moment this week? Leave it in the comments, below!

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