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Motivation Monday: What Will You Be Brave Enough to Try?

be brave enough to suck at something new

What will you be brave enough to try this week?

Mine is gardening-if you can call it that.

I’ve always wanted to grow plants that are useful to my everyday life from seed. I’ve tried (and failed) at my initial attempt to grow some plants but have been successful at others.

I finally have the mental, physical and emotional space to try again.

Meet Sweet Basil, my newest project.

sweet basil seedlings

She is growing rapidly and I am excited to see the little green sprouts in the dirt. I am having fun experimenting with her environment! I have learned which areas of my place provide the best sunlight and have even placed some seedlings outside.

I have done research on how to grow and care for her. Almost overnight, I am provided with something to look forward to when I come home.

Learning to grow plants from seed is exciting! One day, you are planting a small seed in dirt. The next, you are anxiously watching the dirt in anticipation of life. When physical evidence of life finally begins to appear and is thriving, it is a feeling of great accomplishment!

Although this is my first time growing an herb, I bring plenty of experience with failed plants. The beauty in failing is that there is usually a lesson attached.

What I now understand is that the lesson is in understanding why something has failed.

Because I have killed other plants, I understand what to look for when a plant is being over-watered, has bugs, needs more sunlight -the list goes on. I have taken that knowledge and applied it to Sweet Basil to ensure that she has the best possible chance to thrive.

The point being that whether Sweet Basil lives or dies, I will have learned something that i can apply to the next plant.

Such is life.

This year has been full of unexpected moments. Many of us have been placed in positions that we never thought we’d face.

What I am not saying is to “look at the positive side of things” because this year has sucked-to put it plainly. I am saying to consider that this may be the perfect time to try something new or something that you’ve always wanted to do, no matter how small you think it is.

What will you try? What is your Sweet Basil moment?

15 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: What Will You Be Brave Enough to Try?

  1. Never stop learning. That’s my motto. I tried something new today. I made a dish I haven’t made before and my family loved it. I love it when that happens. LOL! Sometimes we get in food ruts, so it’s always kind of exciting to try a new recipe. 🙂

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  2. Thank you. Herb growing has not been successful after many attempts. Your beautiful Basil story gives me the motivation to try again with just one. Patience and learn from past failures is a great lesson for our Covid times.

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    1. Really? I love my herbs. I have since added to my basil! Yes, try it again. You might try to start them off indoors? If you do decide to try again, I would love to hear how that has worked out for you!


  3. Girl, put some more soil in that pot, lol! I like container gardening but the animals around here won’t let me. 🤬

    I’m attempting to learn French during this pandemic. Je parle petite Francais et ecrire tres bien. I think I wrote that “I speak a little French and write it very well.” I don’t know the words for “but” or “can”, lol.

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    1. HI,

      Let me help you 🙂 – Je parle un peu français et je l’écris très bien – “but” can be translated as “mais” and “can” can be translated as “pouvez”, but french isn´t as easy as English 😦

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