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Little Girl…

little girl holding umbrella

Little girl who once filled with big dreams, who saw the world through lenses of wonders and magic; a world of impossibilities and happy endings.

Little girl once filled with childlike wonder, relentless, hopeful and certain that she could and would conquer all.

Little girl with ideas which limits surpassed the stars, little girl filled with unshakable faith where have you gone?

Little girl filled with laughter one that sounded like thunder, a laughter that was not masked by pain but it’s sounds we’re genuine.

Little girl who was fiery, unshakable by doubts or fears. Little girl that reached higher than the sky, I long to find you.

Little girl, now a woman staring back at her reflection searching for who she once was…are you still there hidden?

 VidabloggHello from Vidablogg,
     I have been writing since I was a young child. Writing has always been the easiest form of self expression, where I can be open and raw without fear of judgement, etc; writing is my escape, my place for healing.
     When I write, I bare my soul, fully uncensored. My writing is raw, I write about what I’m feeling at the exact moment; I guess one can say that I wear my emotions on my sleeves.
     Writing is a journey to healing, finding peace and clarity in dark lost moments. In my writing I find solace and in the writing others share I find a sense of comradely, it helps me feel that I am somehow alone; in writing we reach others, we help heal one another.


This piece is a part of our Writer Wednesday series. To submit a piece with us, click here.

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