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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 1

quote with pen
“The pen is mightier than the sword.”


English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote this in 1839.

He came to understand that the written word had the power to destroy, to influence in both destructive or positively life-enhancing ways the society around him.

This gives ordinary folk like you and me a great life-time challenge.

How do we find our own unique writing voice and tenaciously cling to it?

What sort of writer would we like to be remembered for?

It has taken me on many pathways of discovery in life. I would like to travel with you to share what I have learned but more importantly to discover what writing means to you and what you have learned or have still to discover about your own unique writing voice.

Is your voice primarily a Fiction Voice where you explore the rich resources of the creativity in your mind? Is it perhaps a mixture?

Are you a specialist?  Do you write to inform readers of what you know or have learned in a unique field of work or endeavour?

I hope we can journey together on this special site where its very title tells you that thoughtful minds will always find a space.

Eventually I found my unique voice – the place where I am comfortable.   I found having a blogging site was a primary instrument for learning in this computer age.

I will write again if anyone desires me to share more of what I have learned.

Keep writing…….Keep enjoying the written word. Writing enhances LIFE!

Faye Roots is wife – Married to her best friend and husband for 50 years in October, 2020. They have three adult children and now five grandchildren. Faye has always loved to write and in imagination wrote many youthful stories. She won an essay competition at age 11 and in her growing years attended writing courses and although life with all its hills and valleys mostly got in the way, it was not until she was in her 30’s, that the Gift began to come to fruition. ‘I always believed’ Faye said. ‘I had to find my voice and have a passion about what I was writing in order to do it. I could not simply write for profit or to support lifestyle etc, I had to write because I loved to write. I am so grateful and thankful today that I found this in my later years. This I believe is why in 2020 I now have a blogging site; which is connected by WordPress to this Thoughtfulmindsunited site. is a more detailed sharing of my life and has Teddy Bear Stories (part of a loved collection I own) The site is free and stories can be printed and shared with children if wanted or needed. Even adults may enjoy each little teddy’s search for a place to call home. is a more spiritual insight into my personal journey. All are welcome to visit. Earlier writing included poetry/proses…One day I was inspired to find some. is where I put these. You are welcome to visit. Yes, I have written books. Beyond the Ashes, was my first and was a labour of love. The family who had to learn about forgiveness were very real to me and although fiction, remain in my heart. I love writing and would like to encourage others to keep putting pens to paper or writing on their laptops, phones etc. Life is a valuable journey let your writing bring it ‘alive’ for others.






9 thoughts on “Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 1

  1. I find that it’s easier to get in touch with your voice when you engage in everyday writing, such as journalling and writing letters. It’s harder to find it when you’re ‘performing’—writing blog posts and articles, for example.

    Writing enhances life indeed. Thanks for sharing!

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