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Find Your Unique Writing Voice- Part 2

I always wanted to be a Journalist.

A Reporter, as they were called when I was young, carried a certain quality of excitement and adventure.

Superman always rescued Lois Lane, who with cub reporter Jimmy Olson, worked on the Daily Mail. The life of newspaper people inspired me, particularly because I loved to write, and had notebooks for stories even when I was a young girl.


The inspiration from these fiction newspaper stories prompted me to submit an application for a position at the big city Morning Newspaper Head Office my senior year of high school.

While my English teacher was encouraging, my parents wanted me to aim for more achievable ambitions.

Getting a proper job, like a Secretary, was considered preferable.

At the end of that year, just after receiving my qualifications for secretarial work, I was offered a position on the Courier Mail as a copy girl.

I was overjoyed!

Little did I know, that the journey to find my own writing voice was only at its beginning.

Exciting years ahead but different to my expectations.

Part 3 will continue.

Keep writing folks!   Let your own voice emerge!

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