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Feature Friday: Mental Health and Short Stories

Happy Feature Friday!

This week, I am appreciating the chance to see these beauties.


This week’s features have been all about shining a light on the different aspects of mental health. There is also a short story in there, as well. I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did!

Fairen's Favorites

How do I Recognize Shame? by The Wandering Empath

Mental Health Tuesday: Cat and Mouse by Jane Elizabeth

You Okay, Weirdo?– by The Roehampton Chronicle
What is your Feature Friday moment this week? Leave it in the comments, below!

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One thought on “Feature Friday: Mental Health and Short Stories

  1. Appreciation and thank you for all articles expressed here. I value the expression of voices that need to be heard. I too have a story of rejection and pain and yes I have learned and grown from it. I also have learned that for me I have obsorbed the learning and through the valleys have found the hilltop and feel I need to write from there. I hope everyone can find life beyond their pasts. Mental Health depends on forward HOPE.

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