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How to be More Consistent With Your Blog

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As someone who has been blogging on and off for seven years, I am well aware of the issues of lack of time and motivation that we all develop on our blogging journey. When it comes to blogging, there are times when I’m feeling super creative and motivated and can spend hours crafting posts. While other days, I stare at a screen with weighted fingers.

Other days, I honestly don’t do anything. Have you ever experienced that?

I have tried guilt tripping myself into waking up early everyday before work and I usually end up burnt out and writing that classic “I’m taking a break” post. I’ve tried only being involved when inspiration strikes but  then I end up with only two posts published for the entire year.

Life gets busy- health, children and work take a priority and we soon forget our goals. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to consistently be involved in the blogging community while still living life and fulfilling our obligations?

Don’t get me wrong, you still have to put in hours of work but here are some ways to develop and improve your blog with limited time.

It’s all about blocking your time according to what works for you.

For some, it is better to wake up an hour early and get to work but for me, having a dedicated time and space to focus has allowed me to be most productive.  This year has been full of surprises- medical issues, work issues, family issues and doing things this way has been extremely helpful.

Have Specific Blogging Days

Having designated blogging days has helped me maintain focus without getting burned out.

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While I do spend way more time on my blog than two days, it is helpful to know that, at minimum, I have those days allotted to my craft.

One day is dedicated to previewing my week, organizing posts, reviewing statistics and completing any last minute edits. The other day, is dedicated to writing and editing posts only.

Throughout the week, I am writing posts, watching videos and reading books but the previously listed days are my days to sit and focus on the task at hand.

Yes, there are some days where I can’t (or don’t) feel like doing it and there are days where I stare at the screen waiting for an idea to float into my brain but I try to stick with it. And when I can’t, I allow myself the grace to take a much needed break.

I even sweeten the deal by turning on my favorite T.V. show or movie to listen to as I type away. This allows for my brain to associate these activities with something positive even on days I don’t feel inspired.

How did I come up with specific days of the week?

Well, in college one of those days was a school day (or night, in my case) and the other is the day I used to finish my work at the last minute. 🙂

The point is to pick a day that works for you. I suggest picking days that you are already accustomed to being set aside for a different purpose.

What are some ways you keep yourself on track? Share them in the comments or write the answer in a blog. Feel free to leave the link in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “How to be More Consistent With Your Blog

  1. It all depends on what season of life you are in. For many years all i could ever achieve were notes in notebooks scattered all around the house and on my desk at work. random thoughts when captured later became a starting point for something. When I found my voice and Who i was as a writing person it became easier. Now I blog twice a week, When inspired or not at all if I’m not, but disciplined to only two, Brief but part of my natural life. Having this goal helps. Wednesday and Sunday. When I had children at home I carried a writing dream with me but found actual writing confined only to diary etc. Computer age now makes life I believe more complex but be kind to yourself everyone. There will be a season for us all to find a less hectic life pace.

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  2. 🙂 Choosing a realistic blogging schedule has enabled me to stay consistent with blogging; for example, I publish new content on my blog on a weekly basis.

    In regards to crafting posts, I have no special time put aside for it.


    Because it is something that I am capable of doing anytime (The important thing for me is creating and publishing my blog posts before their deadline).

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    1. That seems like a great system! Depending on my life at the time, I actually follow this at a point. I usually keep a notebook around me to rough sketch the post as the idea pops into my head.
      I agree that having the deadline helps to keep me on track.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Renard!

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