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Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

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Creative writing consists of the ability to elaborate on interesting text and by avoiding the obvious. This keeps the reader to the end and still leaves him satisfied with the minutes spent on reading.

This means betting on analogies, figures of speech, and a captivating story. Avoiding conventional standards.

Developing this skill is fundamental for any freelance writer or any other professional who enjoys working with texts.

After all, you want to attract your audience’s attention and keep your audience regular – even with so much content available on the net – don’t you?


  1. Read, Read, Read, And Read More

Reading and writing are siamese sisters. The more you read the more you write, even if this isn´t obvious.

  1. Be Curious

Everyday things happen all around you. Someone can be looking through a window, someone is arguing about something, someone is complaining about wearing masks, even a fly on the wall can be the start of a story. Use the everyday things to peak your imagination

  1. Get Inspired

You can´t buy inspiration, but you can be inspired (look at the previous point).

  1. Find Time To Write

You don´t have time? Of course you have, apart from job and your family and friends. Perhaps it will be more interesting (and useful) spending your time on your interests, Instead of spending it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

  1. Always Write To The Reader

Obvious? No, many times we write to ourselves (I do that quite often, I must confess)

  1. Reread

We all commit mistakes, re-reading allows us to find them.

  1. Never Give Up


Be patient and “dive” into the world of creative writing

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